1) What are the benefits of pursuing this certification?s Here

Many of the people who sign-up or have attended the workshop have a bachelor’s degree, most have a master’s degree. The most common response to this question from actual participants is “the practical, hands-on skills that they acquired.” The Drucker Graduate School’s Certificate in OD and Change Leadership is centered a practicum-based program. Participants learn the history of OD and change management, essential change models and theories, and theories of group development in interactive, online eLearning programs. They learn how to apply them, for the benefit of their organizations and the people in them during the 3-day experiential workshop and follow-up coaching sessions. No other OD and Change Leadership program offers this combination.

2) What does it mean to have this Certificate program backed by The Drucker Institute?

The Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management is dedicated to “preparing leaders with powerful, ethical, and universal management skills.” It is a world-renown graduate university, founded by the “father of modern management.” This latest addition to the graduate school’s advanced management training offerings reflects the school’s commitment to delivering highly relevant, contemporary programs to leaders around the world.

The Certificate in OD and Change Leadership from the prestigious Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management attests to three traits of those to whom the certificate is bestowed:

  • The certificate is a testament to the rigorous academic discipline and intellectual accomplishment of its holders.
  • The certificate represents six months of study focused solely on acquiring contemporary change leadership skills which can be applied in local, regional, and global settings.
  • The certificate indicates that its holder is aware of the forces driving change and how to manage them at the individual, team, and organizational levels.
3) For whom is the program intended? Is there a minimum requirement to enroll?

The Certificate in OD and Change Leadership is designed specifically for individuals responsible for leading change in organizations. Most typically that includes people in Human Resources departments, OD & Change Departments, and/or Training departments.

However, the implementation of change initiatives, process improvement initiatives, and other organizational initiatives fall within the purview of managers, leaders, and even influential employees from any part of an organization. We believe they will benefit significantly from attending the program, as they are de facto “change leaders.”

4) Is this certification face to face or online?

The Certificate Program in OD and Change Leadership is a “blended” learning course. The program includes ten learning modalities, some online and others in person.

Participants begin with an online Competency Assessment and then complete an online Individual Development Plan. These provide participants with insights into what knowledge and skills to develop throughout the program. There is a 3-day residential, experiential-workshop. During the workshop, participants learn and practice change leadership skills they will use back on the job. The workshop includes two online change simulations as well as highly engaging individual and group learning experiences. The workshop is followed by three online coaching sessions. The dual purposes of the coaching sessions are to reinforce what was learned in the workshop and help with the application of newly acquired skills back at work.

5) How long does it take to get this certification from start to finish?

The certification process takes four to six months to complete.

6) How much does it cost to obtain my OD & Change Leadership Certificate?

This is a global program and as such the fee is contingent upon the location. Please contact us for information regarding the participant fee.

7) Do I need to have a bachelors/master’s degree to enroll in this program?

No, a college degree is not required. However, it is highly recommended that registrants possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and preferably, enrolled or a holder of a Master’s degree in business, leadership, human resources, organization development, or industrial-organizational psychology. Two- to three years of experience in leadership or supervisory roles or experience in a related field may provide sufficient knowledge to do well in the program. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

8) How do I include this certificate to my resume?

The Drucker Graduate School consents that program graduates may cite the completion of the certificate in one’s resume as follows:

“Recipient, Certificate in OD & Change Leadership, Drucker Graduate School of Management, year.”

Should you wish to provide a description of the program, a successful graduate may quote the following.

“The Drucker Graduate School’s Certificate in OD and Change Leadership is a six-month blended-learning program focused on the acquisition of core knowledge and skills essential to planning and leading change in organizations. Holders of this certificate have successfully completed all six phases of the program including eLearning modules, online assessments, and simulations, coaching sessions and passed examinations at each phase.”


9) What are the phases of the certificate? Do I need to complete them in order?

Phases One and Two. Before initiating any coursework, participants complete an online OD and Change Leadership Competency Assessment. The self-assessment identifies competencies participants feel they have mastered and those which they need to improve. Knowing developmental needs allows participants to be especially alert when covering those topics during the ensuing online and residential learning events.

Phase Three. Once students have submitted their individual development plan, they complete three eLearning programs covering foundational topics: 1) History of OD and Change Management, 2) Core OD Theories and Models, and 3) Group Dynamics. Completion of these programs are prerequisites to attending the 3-Day workshop.

Phase Four and Five. The 3-Day Instructor-Led Workshop adheres to an experiential learning regimen whereby participants “learn-by-doing.” Introductory lecturettes are followed by experiential activities during which participants apply skills introduced and demonstrated by course facilitators. Participants receive peer feedback as well as feedback and coaching from facilitators. These lessons are supplemented with two, online change management simulations. Participants complete the simulations individually and in triads.

Phase Six. The final phase consists of three Online Group-Coaching Sessions. The purposes of these sessions are to reinforce what was learned in earlier phases and provide guidance to participants as they apply their newly acquired skills back on the job.

Online Final Examination. In addition to passing progress tests included in the eLearning module, participants are required to pass a final, comprehensive examination. The final exam is administered online.


10) How do I receive my Certificate?

Once you successfully complete the six phases of the certificate program, you will receive formal notification of your certificate on the student portal. A signed certificate, from the Drucker Graduate School, is mailed to program graduates, as well. 



11) How are certification and certificate programs different?

Professional certifications are typically bestowed by a professional association or university. If from a university, college credits are awarded for completion of the coursework. Certifications also require completion of a specified curriculum. Certification can take more than a year to complete. Certifications require re-certification to stay current in a specific discipline. Certification allows a practitioner to put letters after his or her name.

A certificate program indicates completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus. They are open to newcomers and experienced professionals alike. Any group can offer certificate programs, and the result demonstrates knowledge of content at the end of a specific period of time. The certificate awarded for this program is issued by the Peter Drucker Graduate School in collaboration with Landers & Marks OD Consulting. It represents a combination of academic excellence and over 40 years of consulting excellence.

12) Where can I find dates and locations for the next iteration of the certificate program?

By clicking on this link, you can see all the dates and locations for the cohort to enter and complete the program.

13) Can I get the employees in my organization certified all at once?

Yes. The Certificate Program in OD & Change Leadership is offered in locations around the world as well as additions to training curricula of organizations. Discounts are offered to organizations wishing to enroll three or more participants in a cohort. There is one requirement for an in-house program. There must be at least 16 participants. These can be leaders, managers, and employees from various departments and levels. The only prerequisite is that they are responsible for leading change in your organization.

14) Can I enroll in this program individually, or is it meant for groups only?

There are opportunities for both options, depending on your and your organization’s needs.

15) Is there any pre-work prior to me beginning the certification?

There is no prework necessary to begin the certification process. All required coursework is included and begins once you enroll in a cohort. 

15) Is there any pre-work prior to me beginning the certification?

There is no prework necessary to begin the certification process. All required coursework is included and begins once you enroll in a cohort. 

16) Do I need experience in the field before taking the competency-based exam, or beginning the certification?

No field experience is needed if you have a Master’s Degree or higher. Field experience as a supervisor or manager is highly recommended for anyone who does not have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.